Friday, August 20, 2010

Glamorous Chick Profile

We were honored to interview our newest Glamorous Chick - Fashion Designer Ms. Stacey Angela. This talented young woman has had her pieces appear on America's Next Top Model, MTV, BET, and the Her line was also featured in Complex Magazine and LUIRE a Japanese publication.

What makes Stacey Angela glamorous is her passion for spreading awareness about Epilepsy by participating in and organizing countless fashion shows benefiting the illness. Stacey Angela  is definitely a designer on the rise, and the glamorous pieces she creates are a must have in every chick's closet.

1. Tell us little about yourself and your glamorous lifestyle.
My name is Stacey Angela and I'm the creator of Stacey Angela Enterprises, which is an umbrella company for Stay by Stacey Angela Swim, Resort wear, Accessories, and the newly minted Stay Media and Film. After all the work is done, the glamour begins. The dresses, the events, the beautiful, creative, and talented people I have crossed paths with. Very Glamorous Indeed. lol.

2. What matters most to you as a fashion designer?
As a designer it is super important that your line is cohesive with your own vision and style. It is important that you are not easily influenced by what everyone else thinks is hot and stylish. I believe that this is what makes a designer unique.

3. How did you get involved in the positive cause Fashion for Epilepsy?
I had two friends that suffered and died from complications from Epilepsy/seizure disorders. Approximately 3 million people in the United States suffer from Epilepsy/seizure disorders. I was around so many amazing people and I wanted to make a difference by spreading awareness about the illness of Epilepsy through fashion. I wanted those who suffered to not be afraid and live happy lives.

4. Where can readers buy your clothes/jewelry?
Readers can purchase my pieces on or in the hot new boutique D&D Boutique located at 400 Washington Ave in Belleville, NJ. You can always contact me for custom pieces at

5. Whats next for your fashion line?
We have a few things in the pipeline for Stacey Angela Enterprises. We are currently working on Plus Size coverups, crochet unisex bowties and crochet glasses. What woman wouldn't want a sexy cover-up that can go from the beach, to the restaurant, or the latest hot spot while vacationing. What man or woman wouldn't want exclusivity when they rock a hand crocheted bowtie to accessorize any look or stand out in a crowd wearing the exclusive Stacey Angela crochet glasses. Customers wearing the Stacey Angela line are never disappointed.

Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics is honored to be working with Stacey in one of her upcoming fashion for a cause events held on September 24, 2010. Please join us at this stylish trunk show which will include Stay by Stacey Angela, Jypsea Eclectic Goods, Lexx Perry, and Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics just to name a few.

Location: D&D Boutique, 400 Washington Ave, Belleville, NJ 07109

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